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Nick Baxter

March 2012


Just posted to the site this month is a new sleeve that I'm completely thrilled about. Check it out in the skin gallery. Coincidentally, this project segues nicely into a few other announcements for the month:


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First on the list is my upcoming seminar in Chicago at the Worldwide Tattoo Conference hosted by Alex De Pase and TattooNow.  This is a traveling event aimed at continuing education for the tattoo community--the first one held in Rome last year was a tremedous success, with rave reviews of the material myself and the other teachers presented.  My presentation focuses on building the mindset and life-skills needed to form a complex "holistic approach" to your tattoo art, and the newly completed sleeve mentioned above will be among the examples broken down during my talk. I'll dig into the layering process used in crating the lifelike textures in the tattoo, and for those who've already seen me speak at other events, rest assured my presentation is continually evolving, and never the exact same thing twice.





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Secondly, the client who now wears the aforementioned tattoo is an excellent freelance web designer who recently brought to life my new sister site  This website will focus solely on fine art painting side of my career, so that anyone not interested in tattoos can have a quick and easy way to view my other work.  However, this site features an art-focused blog which will be of benefit to all creative types including tattooers, so check back frequently for new and useful content!







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The final bit of news this month is my upcoming trip to Melbourne, Australia for the amazing Rites Of Passage tattoo convention. I'll be selling my painting books there, but unfortuantely I'm already booked for tattoo appointments.  This ambitious event, organized by Claire Reed, really comes from the heart and aims to be more than just tattoos and commerce.  Proceeds are donated to various charities, and through the entertainment at the event, a strong focus is placed on important issues such as environmentalism and indigenous rights.  Kudos once again to Claire and her team for thinking outside the tattoo industry box and connecting what we do to the importance of life as a whole.


P.S.-- Coming later in the Spring will be a totally free, downloadable version of my how-to article on the critique of art, completely translated into French.  I'm hoping to spread this knowledge throughout the world tattoo community in order to help and inspire us all to continue our artistic growth, and towards that end, I'm currently looking for the generous help of some Spanish and other bilingual people to undertake translations into more languages. Please contact me if you're interested in helping this project grow!

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